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Conference held on 17-20 July, 2008.  Photographs from the conference and highlights of the media coverage are available on this site, as well as a report on an informal survey on global catastrophic risks conducted during the conference.

Global Catastrophic Risks
This collection of essays, edited by Nick Bostrom and Milan Cirkovic, with a foreword by Sir Martin Rees, is now available to buy.

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the book can be bought at: amazon.co.uk - £11
- $26
Oxford University Press
- £15


Researching Global Catastrophic Risks at the Future of Humanity Institute

What are the biggest threats to global civilization and human well-being? Will the human species survive the 21st century?

Humanity is developing unprecedented powers, which entail new kinds of risk.

Global Catastrophic Risks is one of four interlinked research programs being pursued by the Future of Humanity Institute, part of the Faculty of Philosophy and James Martin 21 st Century School at the University of Oxford.

This website exists to focus attention on our work in this area, which includes