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Global Catastrophic Risks Conference - Optional Events

Conference Dinner at St Benet’s Hall, Friday 18 July

St Benet's Hall

The conference dinner includes a candlelit three course meal, with wine, coffee and pre-dinner drinks. The dinner will be held in the elegant and intimate refectory at St Benet’s Hall, pictured above. After dinner, guests have the option of retiring to the Hall’s drawing room, or visiting one of Oxford’s most famous pubs, the Eagle and Child, just a few doors down from St Benet’s.

Punting, Saturday 19 July


The punting trip will take place on the Cherwell River, and we will leave from Magdalen Bridge punthouse at 7.15pm on Saturday, and return at 8.45pm. The price includes hire of the punts, which will be shared among the delegates and self-driven.

Punting is a popular summer past-time in Oxford, and provides a great opportunity to get on the river in summer time. Chauffered punts can be arranged during the conference at an extra cost if there is demand for this. We recommend that delegates bring a picnic to the punting trip (there are numerous supermarkets conveniently located in the centre of Oxford). In case of inclement weather, an alternative activity will be arranged.

For more information about punting see: http://www.dailyinfo.co.uk/guide/punting.htm