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Global Catastrophic Risks Conference - Speakers Biographies

Dr Milan Ćirković, is a research associate of the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, ( Serbia) and a Professor of Cosmology at the Department of Physics, University of Novi Sad ( Serbia). He received his Ph. D. in Physics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook (USA), M.S. in Earth and Space Sciences from the same university, and his B.S. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Belgrade. His primary research interests are in the fields of astrophysical cosmology (baryonic dark matter, star formation, future of the universe), astrobiology (anthropic principles, SETI studies, catastrophic episodes in the history of life), as well as philosophy of science (risk analysis, foundational issues in quantum mechanics and cosmology). A unifying theme in these fields is the nature of physical time, the relationship of time and complexity, and various aspects of entropy-increasing processes taking place throughout the universe. He wrote one monograph (QSO Absorption Spectroscopy and Baryonic Dark Matter; Belgrade, 2005) and translated several books, including titles by Richard P. Feynman and Roger Penrose. In recent years, his research has been published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Physics Letters A, Astrobiology, New Astronomy, Foundations of Physics, Philosophical Quarterly and other major journals .