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Global Catastrophic Risks Conference -


A comprehensive list of all the speakers, along with their academic biographies, can be found on the right. Below are details of the lectures; a full programme can be found here.

Details of lectures at Conference by Subject (PDF)


Humans: Past, Present and Future
Sir Crispin Tickell

Catastrophe, Social Collapse, and Human Extinction
Professor Robin Hanson

Avoiding Millennialist Cognitive Biases
Dr James Hughes

The Tragedy of the Uncommons
Professor Jonathan Wiener

Rationally Considering the End of the World
Eliezer Yudkowsky

Insurance and Catastrophes
Dr Peter Taylor

Disasters, Ecological Diversity, and the Future of Humanity
Professor Christopher Wills

Culture and the Credibility of Catastrophe
Professor Steve Rayner

Expected and unexpected in the exploration of the fundamental laws of nature
Dr Michelangelo Mangano

Hostile Acts

Catastrophic Nuclear Terrorism: A Preventable Peril
William Potter and Gary Ackerman

The Continuing Threat of Nuclear War
Joseph Cirincione


Cosmic Threats
Professor Arnon Dar

Hazards from Comets and Asteroids
William Napier

Cosmic Impacts: The Most Extreme Global Catastrophes
David Morrison

Into the Dark: The Long Term Future of our Dying Universe
Professor Fred Adams

Social, Scientific and Medical Lessons from the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918
John Oxford

Biotechnology and Biosecurity: Preventing Risks While Preserving Benefits
Ali Nouri

Unintended Consequences

Small Machines, Big Choices: The Looming Impacts of Molecular Manufacturing
Mike Treder and Chris Phoenix

(Artificial) Intelligence: The Wild Card
Eliezer Yudkowsky

Probing the Improbable. Methodological Challenges for Risks with Low Probabilities and High Stakes
Rafaela Hillerbrand, Toby Order and Anders Sandberg

Climate Change, Catastrophe and Uncertainty
Dr Dave Frame